Crystal StoneHealing crystal process for money and success in 2022 | Scientific facts

Healing crystal process for money and success in 2022 | Scientific facts

Well if you haven’t it is a series of alternating layers of organic and inorganic materials typically compressed in a clear resin. Usually crystals and metals.

Applying additional things to the construction process which likely won’t make sense to you right now, orgonite is basically an amplification process or crystals DOR (vibration)

Well I didn’t have the right materials to make proper orgonite at the time so started experimenting with other things and eventually I settled on a design and sat to use different crystals. I had a bunch from when I used to make and sell jewelry. Including malachite, sodalite, quartz, unakite. It was mostly popular sales stones and when I was working with them I felt in no way connected to them.

Healing crystal

Do you know that feeling you get when every moment lead you up to here but you knew the here was going to be in five minutes time and not right now?

I had that, and I had that in a specific manor. Absolute fear. I was terrified of touching the malachite, I actually brushed it away from the bunch with my shirt or something.

I placed each stone on top of the cyrstal energy amplifier I had built, it was small by the way and could be concealed in the palm.

I learned very quickly that not only is crystal energy real but also very powerful stuff. I won’t share my feelings exactly but I learned that crystals like to dance.

Fast forward a few months into my work place after seeing if my friend could feel anything from crystals, she could not and I asked her if she wanted to, and she said yes.

So I set about building a stronger version of the amplifier, And this is the part I don’t recommend.

I made ever increasing power multipliers and eventually put in front of her a super charged malachite, on top of the amplifier. And I said stick your hand over that one and see what happens…

I still laugh at it, she felt incredibly hot burning sensations amongst other things, and kept it there for about two minutes. Until she had to go and throw up that is. I was still new to it but didn’t realise the potential physical crap that can be dislodged when you do this.

She couldn’t stand for a few hours after that, threw up a couple of times and basically felt like shit for the rest of the day and felt rough for a few days after that. We constantly argued about the idea that I should have said, stop once you feel something. She is probably right.

The unakite did take the edge of of this for her as well as a few other techniques I had learned in the first few months or research, oh, and selenite, but damn she hated me for the introduction. I since taught her many things crystal healers learn in their journey which I will not spoil but I will share a few things, four years after this event she could see through walls, and leave her body in bi location though not always by conscious choice mind you.

If it isn’t clear what happened to the reader, I basically took a bull dozer through her palm chakras and pulled up all the repressed years of emotional pain she thought she had buried so long ago it had disolved. 55 or so years of a rough life and dragged it through every cell in her body.

Caution – Crystals are powerful things, treat with caution and a playful curiosity in balance.

Not everyone is drawn to crystals, if you are and don’t really understand why yet and can’t feel anything, just buy one you like the look of because that in itself (liking) will serve you better than choosing a crystal you don’t like the look of, they are the ones you have to be careful with. But they are the ones you will learn to love the most in time. Follow Ally’s advice below from here and see where it takes you.

I went through over 30 greens before I could finally own my own emotional issues. I now have about 150 crystals and love them all.

My favourites here listed for potential benefits that aren’t always spoken off in early study, Ocean kyanite, green kyanite, orange kyanite, black kyanite, moldavite, tsavorite, rhodozite, infinite, sugilite, lemurian quartz, ruby, larmiar, jade, tourmaline, fluorite, selenite.

Oh, one more caution, depending on the crystal, you may go through VERY real physical symptoms in the beginning stages, this is normal, and understanding the how the crystal works will help you be able to work with them in a more targeted approach to deal with whatever it is you need to deal with.

Is crystal healing real?

You ask a very good question. And one that will spawn a lot of controversy.

First, I find it fascinating that many people are quick to attack something they themselves have never experienced first hand. It’s just fear.

To put my answer(s) in perspective, let me quickly share my background. I have a college degree in computer science (4.0 GPA) and did quite well in physics. I was an engineer for over 30 years and still design software and hardware for fun. I am very good at critical thinking.

My other world consists of 45 years training in various energy-based martial arts. These are not the “sport” styles you often see today. This is combat training. One style was used to train the Korean military. The more “exotic” art forms were similar to what you’d find in the Shao Lin temple of China. As I learned these deadly techniques, I was also educated in the alternative healing arts. They go hand in hand. In this world, I saw things that most would call impossible/unbelievable – because they “bent” the laws of physics.

Back to your question… First off, you may want to examine how you phrased it. Using the word “or” implies that beliefs and scientific facts are different or in conflict. Actually, if you look at it, scientific facts are typically “beliefs”. You must admit that they do change from time to time (the world is flat). And some of the really big ones are still up for debate (eg: gravity).

Scientific facts start with observations, then they are “proven” by the use of building upon prior scientific facts in conjunction with an analytical process. And yet, sometimes assumptions tend to slip in there and mess things up. In addition, scientific facts are typically rooted in Newtonian physics, something the conservative thinker considers as a bible of sorts. There are many areas where Newtonian physics breaks down. This is where you look to Quantum physics – “The physics of possibilities” – something that makes many people uncomfortable. If you’d like to learn more, I highly recommend “The Fabric Of The Cosmos” by Brian Greene. It was a national bestseller, and provides amazing insights into the world of physics.

Back to gravity… We observe that gravity exists. Scientists will probably never agree on how the law of gravity works. Newtonian Physics and Quantum Physics definite it VERY differently.

I loved the fact that scientists working at the Stanford Linear Accelerator started a research study because they came to understand that their “beliefs” of how a particle experiment might turn out could actually be affecting the results of the experiment. I applaud them for not letting conventional thinking block them from this possibility.

What does all this come back to? Everything is made up of energy, and we are constantly sharing that energy with other people, objects, and environments. Read Einstein. He knew this. This basic principle allows you to look past basic laws and see things quite differently.

Do healing properties of objects and people provide positive effects? Absolutely. More for some, less for others. If you decide up front that this can’t work, your energy/intention can certainly block the effects, and you’ll get what you desire.

Why healing crystals so popular in 2022?

 Has it’s own meaning and purpose. Some people use crystals during meditation or use them to communicate with spirits and different type of spells and rituals. I believe they are also popular for their beauty some people just love the way the look and wear them in their jewelry. I have even heard of people that communicate with their crystal. People also cleanse their crystals in different ways with sage or by leaving it under the moon for a night with salt water. I would like to use crystals to help me relax or just to focus on healing and my desires but now I am realizing that it is smarter to turn to The Most High (God) for those things and that the origin of crystals comes from fallen angels. The Roman Catholic church tried to hide knowledge by taking out the book of Enoch where it tells how the fallen Angel’s taught men how to make weapons, how to do to witchcraft and use crystals. They also taught astrology and the painting of the face to beautify ones self (make up) and jewelry decorating yourself which God says corrupted man and led to much fornication and defilement. Many people do not know this or don’t care because they like what they like and continue to use crystals in their charts spells etc. instead of turning to the direct source, God. Everything comes from something but most people are followers and don’t do the research to find out where it came from Christmas is a perfect example of that.

Do healing crystals actually relieve stress?

Stones work like other energy medicine. They work best by addressing the problem, not the stress. Amethyst can help you sleep, though if you keep it in your bedroom. I only had a small piece, but it was bark purple and I kept it under my pillow. The energy from stones is subtle, but powerful. Some work slowly over time. When I’ve used them for myself, the results I get are usually unexpected. I use the ones I’m drawn to. If I’m focused on a particular personal problem and feel drawn to a stone, I used to make it into a piece of jewelry and wear it for a while. (Several months) Most of the time, it turned out to have nothing to do with what I was thinking about and wanting to fix, but something else that needed healing. For example, a physical part of my body would suddenly heal. That’s when I would research the stone and see what other people had to say about it. Having had your own experience, it’s easier to figure out who else is speaking from experience and who is just repeating information. That’s why I have a lot of confidence in my knowledge. I always use my intuition first to avoid prejudice. The longer you do this, the more confidence you have in yourself and your intuition.

Is God against using healing crystals?

First there is no evidence that he is real, nor that crystals are effective in healing in the first place but I would say that according to the book people wrote about him, that he’d not be happy if you were using a supernatural source to heal. He’d want you to instead have faith in him.

On another side point, I’d say that you should place your belief in what can be demonstrated to be real.

Nonetheless if the god character is real and if he is as he has been portrayed by the people who wrote the Bible then no, I can’t imagine he’d like your use of crystals.

Where do healing crystals come from? They come from the imagination of seriously mis-guided people

How does a healing crystal bracelet work?

There are 7 wheels inside the body that keep turning to maintain the flow of energy in the body and blockage of any one of them can affect overall health. The chakras can be blocked by stress, negative thoughts, diet and lack of exercise.

For thousands of years, ancient civilizations have utilized the power of crystals to release mental, physical and spiritual blockages, thus facilitating the free flow of throughout the body.


When crystals are placed directly on your body, they have a powerful vibratory effect that surges from the crystal to you.

These bracelets use stones with particular energy properties to subtly change the wearer’s life and health. In theory, the negative energy leaves the wearer and becomes trapped in the bracelet. Positive energy then emanates from each of the stones and rebalances the chakras.

Some say that because of wearing the crystals, your focus is turned towards balancing the chakras and that is why people feel very positive, while others wear it solely for aesthetic purposes.

How to choose your crystals:

Prepared to dabble in the supposed electrical powers of these stones? The initial step to teaming up with crystals is to determine your most quick health and wellness or health requirements, like soothing anxiety or even boosting peacefulness, as well as pick a crystal as needed.

Are healing crystals dangerous?

A healing Crystal has no danger except the danger that you depend on the healing Crystal to heal you when you should be depending on going to a license doctor. but there is absolutely nothing in believing in the healing power of a crystal and keeping one of them around your neck or under your pillow while you’re recovering from whatever illness your recovering from.

I would like to recommend it to you to get yourself a large raw Ruby it doesn’t have to be clear or of gem quality it makes no difference whatsoever how cloudy and ugly it looks as long as it’s red corundum and you can get large pieces of it off of eBay for $20. Ruby is said to be one of the best healing crystals that you can get.

What happens if you break a healing crystal?

There’s no such thing as a “healing crystal.” Just a “crystal.”

No rock has ever been shown to provide any “healing” to anyone, and whoever is making such claims is either a liar, or a nut job.

So, should one break a crystal, which is just a pretty rock, the only rational, REAL answer is that one now has two rocks.

Benefit’s of healing crystals

Of course, there is a benefit! Aside from many healing properties of crystals – there is also a placebo effect, as you are buying something you believe to be healing, and by using it and looking at it you trigger ‘healing” ideas in your mind and activate self-healing mechanisms of the body. The placebo effect is a very powerful tool, people can get healed by a sugar pill when they believe that it is medicine. There are many ways you can use crystals – you can keep them in water to charge water with the energy of a crystal, you can keep them on your body, you can also build crystal grids for healing. How much of the healing is due to belief versus actual crystal energy – this is hard to tell as there are no studies on their efficiency, and it would be hard to get a ‘sugar pill” version of a real crystal (a glass stone?) to compare a ‘real crystal” effect versus ‘placebo”…So, to my knowledge, there is no scientific studies on crystal healing – but if you feel that they are helping you – sure, get them even if it is just ‘shopping therapy”. Crystals have no side effects, so they are much safer than Rx medication. Just wash them in salt water once in a while since they can absorb negative energy – so they need to be cleansed. Again, washing crystals and leaving them overnight in sea salted water under the full moon is a ritual, and rituals are always good for healing.

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