Crystal Gift ideasAngel wing pendant | Needs to know before use?

Angel wing pendant | Needs to know before use?

Angel Wing pendant Necklace 1/10 cttw Diamond Sterling Silver/10K Gold|Kay

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Amethyst angel wing pendant

Is there anything more beautiful than a delicate amethyst angel wing pendant? The jewel is a must-have for any fashion-savvy individual, as it has a timeless appeal. Whether worn as an everyday necklace or accent piece, the amethyst angel wing pendant is sure to turn heads.

The gemstone is said to bring good luck, protection, and love. Amethysts are known for their gentle colors and are the birthstone for September. The amethyst angel wing pendant makes the perfect gift for anyone special in your life – whether they’re someone you know or someone you just met!

Details of the product

Accentuate heavenly looks with these wings – pendant. The Sterling silver pendant has been handcrafted and finished in rhodium plated to achieve imperial style and stronger tarnish resistance. Polished to a brilliant sparkle, the angel wings pendant slides on an 18-inch strand of rope secured by a lobster clasp. Sterling silver rhodium plated | Necklace Has An Excellent Polish | 37mm Or 1 1/4 inches | Necklace Has An Excellent Polished.

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 Types of Angel wing necklace pendant

There are many different types of Angelwing pendants, each with its own unique appeal. Whether you’re looking for something delicate and pretty, or something bold and eye-catching, there’s a style to fit your personality. Here are some of the most popular types of Angelwing pendants:

-The simple and understated angel wing pendant is perfect for someone who wants an elegant yet subtle piece. This style features just a few delicate angel wings suspended from a thin gold chain.

-If you want to go all out, try out an angel wing necklace with dozens of wings dangling from it. This type of necklace is sure to wow anyone who sees it, thanks to its dramatic look and striking design.

-Another popular option is the butterfly pendant.

History of the angel wing necklace pendant: Where did it originate from?

The Amethyst Angel Wing Pendant is a beautiful piece of jewelry that has an interesting history. The pendant is made out of amethyst and it has an angel wing design on it. The pendant was originally created in China in the early 1900s, and it quickly became popular throughout the world. It is thought that the angel wing design on the pendant originated in India.

Benefits of wearing an amethyst angel wing pendant: What are they?

What are the benefits of wearing an amethyst angel wing pendant?

There are many benefits to wearing an amethyst angel wing pendant. Some of the benefits include increasing love and compassion, boosting self-esteem, reducing stress, and aiding in concentration. Additionally, wearing an amethyst angel wing pendant can bring peace and tranquility into your life.

Amethyst angel wing necklace pendant wearing a good sign?

There are a lot of talks circulating the internet about an alleged scam involving the amethyst angel wing necklace pendant. People are concerned that they’re being scammed out of their hard-earned money, and there is some truth to this claim.

The pendant in question is marketed by a company called Angel Wing Jewelry. The company claims that the pendant contains “amethyst crystals that have been infused with angelic energy.” They also state that it can help you “connect with your higher self, receive guidance from angels, and increase your intuition.”

However, there are several concerns about this product. First of all, the amethyst crystals are not real. They’re actually plastic beads that have been dyed purple. Secondly, there is no evidence to support the claims made about the pendant’s ability to help you connect with angels or increase your intuition.

Final thoughts on the amethyst angel wing pendant.

The amethyst angel wing pendant is a beautiful piece of jewelry that many people would love to have. It is unique, and stylish and does not have any other similar pieces on the market. The pendant is made from high-quality materials and it looks great on anyone. The only downside of this necklace is that it can be quite expensive, but overall it is a very good option for those who are looking for something special.


Amethyst Angel Wing Pendant

  • Structured with a cubic zirconia bail and stainless steel.
  • Makes beautiful jewelry, feminine addition to any jewelry necklace chain.
  • Comes in packages of one pendant and a 24″ silver electroformed jewelry chain. 
  • Makes an excellent jewelry gift for anyone with special.

Stunning, sliced lilac amethyst crystal is framed in beautiful electroformed silver jewelry and accompanied by a 24″ silver electroformed chain. Lilac amethyst is a gentle violet-lavender color that has a particularly high vibration that brings light and love into the environment. Also called “amethyst flowers”

Every single piece is uniquely different and no two are alike. They measure approximately 1 1/4″ wide and 2″ tall, come with an organza bag and healing metaphysical properties, cleansing information, and ways to utilize the power of these beautiful pendants!

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