US Local NewsFlooding in N.J. Cleanup Continues

Flooding in N.J. Cleanup Continues

Heavy rain caused flooding in New Jersey (N.J.) , making some people leave their homes while workers keep cleaning up.

In Little Falls, N.J., some people have been told to leave their homes for safety. They’ve been asked to take important things that can’t be replaced and go to safer places.

The town warned people living there that if they stayed, they could be in big danger because flooding might make it too risky for rescuers to help them.

“The water has come this high, maybe once or twice before. Even in sandy it came up, that was one time,” one resident said.

Flooding in N.J

In Little Falls, they’re using the Civic Center as a shelter, but it seems like lots of folks found different places to stay safe instead.

Classes at schools in Paterson and Woodland Park have been canceled because of flooding.

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