FactsRich Paul interview on CBS Mornings

Rich Paul interview on CBS Mornings

During an interview on CBS Mornings, Gayle King tried to get a straight answer on whether Adele and Rich Paul are married. The sports agent played coy regarding their marital status, but did speak candidly about his life with Adele.

Rich Paul Opens Up About Dating Adele and the Marriage Rumors
Rich Paul Opens Up About Dating Adele and the Marriage Rumors

“You know, Gayle, I don’t really talk about my personal life publicly, but if I’m going to give anybody some tea, it’s going to be [you],” he started. “Let me say this: She’s been great, I think she would agree that we’ve definitely helped each other. I’m in a good space, we’re in a good space. Happy. She’s superb.”

“She’s been great for me. We’ve been great for each other,” he said, before stressing again, “I’m just not the kind of person to put my personal life—it’s not for the media. It’s not for the paparazzi. It’s for us.”

King then tried to get a clear answer on the marriage rumors. She asked if the next time she sees Adele, she should say, “Hi Mrs. Paul.” Paul gave a non-answer, saying, “You can say whatever you want.”

A source told Us Weekly last week that Adele and Paul use husband and wife as pet names. “They aren’t married but they do call each other husband and wife and have been for a while now,” the source said, noting that Paul began calling Adele his “wife” two months into dating her. “Adele loved the security [of it] and how much he adores her.”

An actual wedding is just a formality, the source added: “Marriage is really just a ceremony at this point. They [already] live and act as husband and wife.”

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