Crystal Stone10 Best Crystals for Anxiety

10 Best Crystals for Anxiety

A list of10 Best Crystals for Anxiety. Anxiety is a condition in which the body is in a state of heightened tension, worry, and nervousness about events occurring in daily life, affecting a patient’s ability to focus, rest and perform ordinary tasks. It is the body’s biological reaction to either known or unknown fear. Anxiety is accompanied by a chest pounding, short puffs of breath, stomach upset, and increased adrenaline levels, manifesting as a burst of energy.

Generally, we all experience anxiety once in a while, in short periods; it is beneficial to alert and avoid danger. However, it is a long, continuous feeling that some don’t go away. At this point, it is no longer normal and would be regarded as a mental disorder.

Anxiety is among the most common psychological disorders globally, affecting millions of people of all ages globally. The WHO has estimated that over 264 million individuals suffer from anxiety attacks making it a hot topic in mental health circles worldwide.

Therapy and treatment of anxiety can be both expensive and time-intensive. This added burden alienates a lot of patients from accessing proper care and treatment. However, alternative means have been used to treat it naturally, such as healing crystals. Many people now choose to use healing crystals as a cure for anxiety. This is because they have witnessed their effectiveness and calming power.

10 Best Crystals for Anxiety

Crystals are usually made of rock, mineral, or calcified stone that possess healing properties. They have been used for long periods by people for growth and well-being. Crystals help us recalibrate our body’s energy balance and flow while dispersing negative energy away from the body leading to inner peace, intuition, and strength.

Crystals are easy to use and can be made into necklaces, bracelets, waist beads, or anklets and worn around the body. And if a person prefers, they can be kept in a room as well. You can do the above individually or together, it is a straightforward approach, and there are no strict rules on using crystals to heal anxiety.

To aid you on your quest toward healing, here’s a list of the ten best crystals to use for anxiety:

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is an excellent crystal for anxiety and effective for healing. It’s known to wade off negative energy associated with fear and anxiety and protect against harmful radiation. It is believed to be free energy that helps you attain your highest self. It also enhances protective energy within a person and can help hone senses to perfection. Using a Black tourmaline crystal for anxiety treatment is a great way to bring back confidence and shut out all negative thoughts.

Clear Quartz

The quartz is famed for its healing properties and is thought to facilitate clear and conscious thoughts, thus helping in warding off anxiety. It is used to heal various mental issues relating to anxiety and depression. It purifies energy and increases positivity and self-confidence, helping to declutter the mind of toxic, harmful thoughts and emotions, and focusing energy on good and optimistic views. Using a quartz crystal to support all goals and intentions is beneficial and will aid in bringing your body to balance, relieving anxiety, and healing you. The crystal ensures awareness and clarity of thought in anxious people. It encourages the cultivation of perseverance, patience, and peace in humans.


People use carnelian stones to help in treating anxiety. These crystals are used for relieving anxiety because they can help boost your sense of worth and confidence. Carnelian stones can be used whenever you feel the onset of anxiety attacks. Wearing a necklace made of carnelian crystals is believed to help you maintain balance in thoughts, words, and action. It will remove the jittery and unsettled feeling associated with anxiety.


     Using a stone such as an amethysts crystal for anxiety is a widespread practice among people. Amethyst is among the most desirable and acquirable healing crystals. Crystal experts ascertain that amethyst stones have beneficial qualities like clarifying people with doubts, fear, and anxiety. It is believed that amethyst crystals act to prevent anxiety by cleansing negative energy, ensuring energy balance, and providing clarity. It also aids in improving the overall mental well-being of people who have struggled with emotional imbalance.


Fluorite is regarded as a learning crystal that helps in mastering concentration and coordination. It increases our physical and mental awareness, and cognitive abilities as our intelligence and self-confidence are boosted. Fluorite crystals have also improved recovery rates from injuries, illnesses, and emotional trauma. Fluorite increases mindfulness. As such, it is a perfect crystal for anxiety healing.

Blue lace agate

Blue lace agate is a crystal used for anxiety therapy because of its healing properties. With its physical look similar to calm ocean waves, it is believed that this crystal facilitates a calming effect on a person. This is important for people with anxiety who tend to be in states of panic and restlessness. It is also believed to help in alleviating social stress.


Lepidolite crystals have a biochemical antecedent for use in anxiety because they contain lithium used in medication for certain mental illnesses such as bipolar disorders. As a crystal for anxiety, it increases emotional balance, self-acceptance, serenity, and mindfulness in our daily lives, giving us a sense of stability.


 Hematite crystals are known to relieve stress and anxiety in our bodies. The crystal experts believe that hematite improves energy balance and keeps you grounded with vision and clarity. This effect relieves tension and stress that accumulates in a person.


Howlite crystals are calming and soothing and aid people with anxiety, stress, or insomnia in overcoming their ailment and finding inner peace. It supports clarity, intuition, self-awareness, and stability within a person.


Garnet is a crystal used for anxiety. It is believed to aid in overcoming procrastination which frequently sets off panic attacks in people. It is a crystal that enables you to strengthen your resolve and take actionable steps leaving no room for anxiety.


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