Crystal Gift ideas15 Best Crystal Necklaces to Wear

15 Best Crystal Necklaces to Wear

A necklace is an ornamental article usually made in a chain form with jewels, beads, or stones worn around the neck. The chain is most often made from precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum. The major part is the chain and the attachment, if available. The extension, if available, is usually a stone or metal suspended or inserted into the necklace itself.

Necklaces have been an important and symbolic part of human jewelry since early times. They are worn in the religious, ceremonial, marital, festival, or funerary events to symbolize different things such as wealth, purity, and status. They are usually made from expensive metals or stones.

15 Best Crystal Necklaces to Wear

A crystal is a rock, mineral, or calcified stone that has been used for centuries by man for its healing powers. They are believed to aid in humans’ growth, development, well-being, intuition, and curative process. They are also considered to have spiritual benefits.

Aside from their spiritual and healing benefits, they’re stunning and can be eye-catching when worn. That makes wearing a crystal necklace a memorable experience.

Crystal necklace has reemerged as a trend in modern times because of their importance and the variety of crystals available. Here’s a list of the 15 best crystal necklaces to wear to either heal you or upgrade your look to iconic status.

Amethyst Crystal Necklaces

Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz. It is believed to protect by cleansing negative energy, bringing energy balance, and supporting clarity, especially in creative work. It helps overcome overindulgence and destructive addictions. It boosts hormonal levels and stimulates the nervous and endocrine systems for optimum performance. Wearing an amethyst crystal necklace also strengthens the immune system and cures hearing disorders. It also aids in mental well-being as it helps overworked, stressed-out people find their balance once again. It also relieves mental anxiety.

Quartz Crystal Necklaces

Quartz crystals are made of silicon dioxide and are perhaps the most popular crystal. It has been used to create many fashionable necklaces and is considered a timeless fashion piece. Wearing a quartz crystal necklace avails you of many benefits asides from being stylish. Quartz is regarded as a master healer crystal and may be used for any medical condition. It stimulates energy flow, bringing the body to balance. Wearing a quartz necklace is bound to increase your awareness and clarity of thought. It encourages perseverance, patience, and peace within humans.

Rhodonite Crystal Necklaces

Rhodonite is supposed to be a stone of service and altruism. It helps find a place and purpose and abandon fear and other hurtful traits like anger, jealousy, and resentment. It increases the feeling of forgiveness and compassion and ensures that the sense of unconditional love for the world flourishes within. Wearing a rhodonite crystal necklace can help you feel connected to the world and enable you to show your unique contribution to the world.

Agate Crystal Necklaces

Agate crystals nourish and strengthen. They are stones that act at low intensity but build up long-lasting continuity. These crystals support your connection to the Earth and have been used to cleanse and balance both the body, the soul, and the mind. Wearing an agate crystal necklace will expose you to enormous energy, though it is released slowly. It repairs the body’s energy balance and tends to leave a lasting impact on the body even when they are not worn.

Aquamarine Crystal Necklaces

Aquamarine also belongs to the family of emerald and morganite. Aquamarine is a stone that represents water and clarifies the wearer’s thoughts, filling them with calm wisdom. Wearing an aquamarine crystal necklace is believed to unlock the wearer’s more profound, focused, intuitive side.

Bloodstone Crystal Necklaces

The bloodstone crystal purifies and creates a sense of groundedness and strength in facing difficulties. It also increases nourishing feelings of worth, self-confidence, and self-sufficiency. Wearing a bloodstone crystal necklace can help heal physical, emotional, and spiritual issues. It also can aid in healing physical ailments.

Carnelian Crystal Necklaces

Carnelian crystals are a common variety of quartz that is reddish-orange. Wearing a necklace made of these crystals is believed to attract healing properties and support growth, vitality, willpower, and sexual awareness.

Almandine Garnet Crystal Necklaces

Almandine Garnet is a purplish-red crystal. It is believed to help in stopping procrastination and getting things done. Wearing this crystal necklace is bound to make you look unique, feel unique, and encourage you to live your amazing, simple truth in a life devoid of all anxiety.

Iolite Crystal Necklaces

Iolite is a healing crystal that supports strengthening the inner self and empowering vision. Wearing an Iolite crystal necklace can help you heal from internal wounds, develop intuition and access your inner abilities.

Jade Crystal Necklaces

Jade crystals are thought to bring forth nourishing abundance, well-being, and happiness. Wearing a jade crystal necklace will help you attract new opportunities and unlock your potential, thus achieving your goals and moving towards prosperity. It also helps to restrain and remove feelings of self-doubt or self-limiting beliefs that arise from a negative mindset.

Lepidolite Crystal Necklaces

Lepidolite is a crystal that aids with self-acceptance, confidence, mindfulness, serenity, and finding calm during chaos. Wearing a lepidolite crystal necklace is believed to give you a continuous sense of stability.

Malachite Crystal Necklaces

Malachite is a crystal that is believed to strengthen resilience and personal will while helping protect the wearer from harm. In essence, a malachite crystal necklace is a sort of amulet against danger.

Ruby Crystal Necklaces

Ruby is a vibrant red crystal regarded as a precious gem, highly cherished and sought-after for hundreds of years. It is even believed to be more valuable than Diamonds in medieval times. Ruby is a stone that symbolizes enthusiasm for life, courage, passion, vitality, and adventure. Ruby crystals are physical healers that stimulate the pituitary gland, and blood circulation and regulate menstruation. It can help in blood pressure regulation and weight regulation. It is also believed to be a powerful protection stone. Wearing a ruby crystal necklace can help you establish your confidence and portray your image as a classic fashionista to the world.

Emerald Crystal Necklaces

Emerald is a precious gem that is green in color. Emerald crystals are believed to have healing properties and increase feelings of love and compassion. Wearing an emerald crystal necklace is supposed to symbolize hope and a fresh start. Emerald is considered to bring an intuitive and supportive feel. It increases mental awareness and memory retention and opens up a person’s perspective.

Diamonds Crystal Necklaces

Diamonds are among the most coveted precious gemstones. They are very popular and considered a fashion item of the rich and famous and an ultimate symbol of wealth and status. It is believed that wearing a diamond crystal necklace is a self-manifestation of wealth and abundance. Diamond crystals are believed to have healing properties that support spirituality, improve energy balance, and increase self-confidence. It is best used as a support crystal that builds up the powers of other minerals working on other issues. Diamond is a support stone that lends strength when dealing with high-pressure situations and aids in responding with grace. It makes the wearer a model of grace and grit in times of adversity and helps boost our inner self-confidence.


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