Crystal StoneThe public opinion chakras Are they real?

The public opinion chakras Are they real?

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Richard Dietrich Maddox Author of Enlightenment books, meditation teacher· Write his Opinion about chakras Are they real or not?. 

Chakras are they real; they are just subtle.

Think of the subtle body of the human being as a series of inline circuits extending from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Emotional memories serve to block the opening and perfect functioning of these circuits, preventing the subtle energy of the soul from moving upward toward Enlightenment.

As you meditate, you release the stress holding the chakras closed. Then they spontaneously open and the pain of the past is forgotten and the glory of the Now begins to be lived.

Daily meditation leads to Enlightenment, the end of suffering, the goal of life.

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Is chakra real? Do chakras work?

Yes.. They are real.. They performing specific actions… about our health.. We have 7 chakras in our body.. Starting from root chakra….. Which affects our thoughts.. Sacral chakra… in our belly.. Regulates emotions.. etc..

Himalayas’_Gurutattva here’s a living saint from himalayas who is distributing himalayan inner knowledge to all mankind all over the world about spiritual progresses and chakra purification.. Many has got positive results where scientists and doctors are also involved.

Go for the link and know him and his knowledge and get your answer briefly.. More perfectly .


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Is chakra real? Do chakras work?

Chakras are energy centres. You whole body and the body of every living thing is made of lines or meridians of energy. Where these lines intersect a vortex is created. Your energy body or subtle body overlays your dense physical body. Some people see the subtle body as part of the aura.

Each of the major chakras works through a specific gland which in turn works through an organ. You have seven main chakras up and down your spine.


Paramhansa Yogananda Trainer yoga meditation

 Is there any such thing as a chakra?

Paramhansa Yogananda explains that the chakras are centers of life energy and consciousness in the spine and brain of the astral body. They are located in the positions of the plexus in the physical spine where the nerves branch out to all parts of the body. Life energy coming from God enters the body at the medulla oblongata and is distributed to all parts of the body from the chakras. 

The movement of energy up through the chakras is the key to spiritual advancement. Animals do not have these spiritual centers, chakras, and thus man could not be the result of evolution from animals. The awakening of the chakras is experienced only by highly advanced yogis after lifetimes of deep meditation under the guidance of a competent guru.

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Are chakras actually real?

They are not physical.

They are subtle, and were documented by highly revered Sages since thousands of years.

But the problem is, if anything is associated with energy and power, a lot of buzzing is bound to happen around.

This same frenzy caught up the poor chakras and kundalini, and a centre has opened up every three streets around the world.

Decades ago, I was invited by a friend who became a teacher in a famous centre, and he said he will raise my kundalini in the very first session.

I asked myself, ‘Is this the same kundalini the disciples were practicing under great Sages for half a century washing their loin clothes ?’

Of course I asked myself because there was no point asking my friend lol.

I went, and he made me sit cross-legged, did some ritual, asked me certain questions, and finally declared kundalini was raised.

I didn’t want to argue and hurt him, because he is a good friend who means well to me, and he completely believes what he does.

So, I thanked him and left!!

I had experienced kundalini on exalted periods. I didn’t chase it. There was no need. My love is for the truth and not for energy and powers. It came on its own, and I said hello. That’s it!

Now and then, Mother Kundalini Blesses, and I bow down to Her.

It is all there but this extreme obsession with chakras and bringing the benchmark to almost the gym exercises had eroded the practicality and sanctity.


I hope you will found your answer in this article chakras are real or not?

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