Crystal StoneChakra Strength | Seven Ways To Find Inner Balance

Chakra Strength | Seven Ways To Find Inner Balance

Seven Ways To Find Inner Balance
Seven Ways To Find Inner Balance

Chakras Strength & Seven Ways To Find Inner Balance

Each of us is shaped by seven mysterious chakras, which are located along the spine. Find out if yours are in balance and how you can strengthen your chakras for more harmony in your life.

For most people, these energy whirls, the chakras, are not visible. Still, we can easily find out if our power centers are in balance. Those who use the right colors, gemstones and exercises will find the way to health and happiness.

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Root Chakra

Root Chakra: Ground yourself by circling

The first chakra is at the lower end of the spine. It is associated with survival, security and stability. If you stand firmly on the ground with both legs and feel in harmony with yourself and the world, you can look forward to a healthy root chakra.

Nervous and anxious people, on the other hand, can gain more vitality, grounding and a good physical condition by strengthening this chakra.

The following exercise helps: Stand straight and stomp as hard as possible with your feet on the floor. Sport, housecleaning or meditation – any activity that increases our body awareness strengthens this energy center as well.

Tip: Healing stones and teas can also stimulate our chakras. Pick up the appropriate stone and meditate or lay directly on the chakra – this releases blockages and lets the energy flow freely, again.

In addition, special tea blends with herbs and spices bring the chakra in balance. For a noticeable effect, drink a cup of tea three times a day.

Strengthens the root chakra:

Circles: In Kundalini Yoga, there is a simple exercise for our root chakra: circling.

Here’s how it works: Sit cross-legged on the floor, hands on knees. Then draw a large circle with the upper body. For two minutes, swing to the left, then to the right. Always keep your back, head and sternum straight. Inhale while turning forward, exhale when twisting backward. The flowing movements massage the stomach and diaphragm. This exercise helps to ground and stimulate digestion.

Stone: Red Jasper

Tea blend: sage, ginger and elderberry

Sacral Chakra: swing your hips

This chakra is coupled with emotion and intimacy. It represents the center of our desires, dreams, fantasies and pleasures. An open sacral chakra means that feelings flow freely. We feel energized and enjoy intimacy and sexuality in a healthy way. But if this chakra is closed, we cannot open ourselves to others.

Especially guilty feelings disturb the flow of the sacral chakra. On the other hand, if this energy vortex is overactive, the emotions can go through with us. The result is that we open ourselves to others (including sexually) too much.

Strengthens the sacral chakra:

Water helps: The key to opening a closed sacral chakra is to become aware of our feelings and share them with others. The element of water plays a major role here. Swimming or sauna visits connect us with the emotional world. Or we are inspired by tango or salsa. Everything is possible as long as we move our hips. Important: Drink enough water!

Stone: Carnelian

Tea blend: hibiscus, orange and peppermint

Navel Chakra: Heat yourself with an inner fire

The Naval Chakra symbolizes the center of personal strength and willpower. An open navel chakra (also called a solar plexus chakra) makes us feel comfortable in relationships with other people. We are bursting with self-confidence and assertiveness and have enough willpower to achieve our goals.

Or are you struggling to take action and make decisions? Does your shyness mean that you do not get what you want? Are you always tired, are you suffering from stomach or sleep problems? In that case, this particular energy center does not work optimally. Overactive navel chakras, on the other hand, can be dominant or even aggressive.

Strengthens the navel chakra:

Energy detonator: Everything that kindles the inner fire, strengthens the body center, strengthens the navel chakra. Take it literally, and light candles or incense.

Sunbathing or wearing yellow clothes also act as an initial spark. Belly dance or yoga strengthen abdominal muscles and inner energy center. Self-assertion training helps to distinguish oneself.

Stone: Amber

Tea blend: ginger, fennel and cinnamon

Heart Chakra: Green heals your heart

This chakra is associated with love and social relationships. If our heart chakra is healthy, we feel with other people. We love each other and accept each other as we are. Give and take are in balance. From this center, we can experience and spread love and gratitude.

A closed heart chakra makes us cold, distant, bitter or lonely. Great sadness can also close this chakra. However, if a heart chakra is too open, there is a danger of suffocating others with our unconditional love.

Strengthens the heart chakra:

Be grateful! Surround yourself with green, because nature has a healing effect on the heart. There are special yoga exercises that work on the chest area, eg. the camel pose. It strengthens the fourth chakra – the heart opener.

Here’s how it works: Kneeling, thighs and upper body perpendicular to the ground. Raise breastbone, with back straight bend slightly backward. Store most of the weight on the knees and stretch the front of the body upwards.

Relax your head and arms and hang backward. Breathe slowly and deeply. Stay in this position as long as you feel good. For a noticeable effect, install the exercise three times a week.

Stone: Malachite

Tea blend: green tea with cinnamon and bergamot

Throat Chakra: Be silent and listen to you

The fifth chakra stands for communication, self-expression and creativity. An open throat chakra means we can express ourselves well. We are able to communicate clearly and honestly, we are able to listen to others.

A closed throat chakra, on the contrary, makes us inverted, shy or unclear in the way we speak. Lies can close the throat chakra. An overactive chakra is an indication that we are probably talking too much, but cannot listen.

Strengthens the throat chakra:

Expressing what you feel: singing, making music, writing, painting – these are all ways of expressing what we feel inside. Or maybe we should stop and listen to someone or ourselves. A mantra is a good way to balance the neck chakra. The sound associated with this chakra is “ham”.

Stone: Turquoise

Tea blend: lavender, licorice and mint

Forehead Chakra / Third Eye / Ajna : Look for the stars

A healthy forehead chakra is associated with a good sense of intuition, insight and imagination. We can see more clearly – literally and figuratively. The so-called third eye helps us to assess whether something is suitable for us or not.

When this sixth chakra is closed, we rely too much on the opinions of others, are confused, chaotic, forgetful, or too narrow-minded in our thinking. An overactive third eye means that we live too much in a fantasy world. In extreme cases, this leads to hallucinations.

Strengthens the forehead chakra:

Reflection: Relaxation and Reflection – These words describe a functioning forehead chakra. Take an evening stroll, look into the starry sky. We can practice visualizing things. Anyone who notes the dreams of the previous night after waking up in the morning can possibly see a message in them. Follow your intuition, she usually speaks with the voice of inner truth. Think about what gives your life meaning and direction.

Stone: lapis lazuli

Tea blend: ginger and lemon

Crown Chakra: Celebrate the beauty with “Namaste”

The higher the position of a chakra in the body, the less it is connected to the earth. The crown chakra gives us access to eternal cosmic consciousness. As a rule, this energy center is only open when we have great emotional and spiritual abilities.

The strengthening of this chakra leads to insight and wisdom. In other words, we have a healthy perception of ourselves and the world around us, and we know about the connection of all things. We accept the world as it is.

A closed crown chakra expresses itself in rigid ways of thinking or an aversion to spirituality, while an overactive crown chakra makes us float above things.

Strengthens the crown chakra:

Everything is Love: Prayer and meditation are the key ways to open the crown chakra. But it also works easier, because it’s about recognizing the sheer beauty of the world – even the seemingly soiled and damaged things. We speak of love, which permeates everything and connects all. Start the day with the Hindu greeting “Namaste” (“Adoration to you”). Put your hands together near the heart and bend your head forward.

Stone: Crystal

Tea blend: black tea with cinnamon

Without the perfect inner harmony, we cannot expand and advance in our spiritual growth. Any interrupted flow between the chakras also causes physical and psychological disharmony and can lead to illnesses. So it is very important to open and strengthen your chakras and find the right balance.



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