Red Jasper

It is a Stone of Stability, red jasper. This metaphysical stone, also referred to as "The Supreme Nurturer," fosters peace and wholeness.

Green Jasper

A stone of harmony, green jasper cures and frees one from disease and obsession. When you're looking for balance in your life, the calming green jasper crystal

Poppy Jasper

This jasper stone is a fantastic option for anyone wishing to expand their collection of jasper gems.

Picasso Jasper

Relationships are a theme of Picasso Jasper. This imaginative gemstone fosters fidelity and confidence.

Zebra Jasper 

Zebra Another amazing example of how gemstones imitate nature is seen in jasper stones. These black and opaque white.

Fancy jasper

The fairy godmother of the jasper family is fancy jasper. By soaking up anger, it brightens the mood and boosts joy.

Fossil Jasper 

The gemstone fossil jasper can take on a variety of hues and organic or marbling patterns.